weekends, weddings, and wine(ries)

This weekend was one of those weekends that just falls into place perfectly.

Where your Friday is a workday and your Friday night is filled with familiar faces, new faces, and free pizza. 

Where your Saturday is a road-trip with your boyfriend for his good friend's wedding, and you get to go too, and that means a lot of quality time. It means 3 and a half hours in the car, talking away, drinking coffee, and listening to good music. It means meeting people who have been crucial parts of your boyfriend's life the past four years, and hanging out with them, and celebrating together.

This wedding was incredible. It was northeast of San Luis Obispo, nestled in the heart of wine country. The couple and bridal party were unbelievably beautiful. Navy dresses and nude shoes, gray slacks and white button-downs. Rolling vineyards, willowing trees, a setting sun. The venue was a winery, which meant delicious wine and yummy cheese plates with dips and sourdough bread.

It meant a tri-tip dinner with a port-mushroom sauce and roasted vegetables, and s'mores around fire-pits for dessert. We literally had our cake and ate it, too. We had a good 2+ hours of dancing, much to my heart's content, and I swear it's nights like these that fill my soul more than anything else.

Sunday was an early morning since Mack had to get back for church, so we left at 5am and enjoyed more time together. Sunday meant creating space for Jesus, meeting more people while sharing more food, and indulging in afternoon naps. It meant playing sports at a park as the sun went down and the air became cool, it meant laughing and running and being active. 

And to top it off, my favorite gelato was on sale at Target, so post-shower and pre-bedtime, I cuddled up with a bowl of double-dark-choclate Talenti and the very last episode of Ugly Betty, and fell asleep at 10pm.

There is something about the combination of busyness and rest, celebration and normalcy, togetherness and solitude, that when exercised often and together, create a really wonderful experience. Last weekend is how I would spend every weekend if I could—where life feels pregnant and every moment is expectant, every moment is meaningful. 

Happy Wednesday, people. Here's to dreaming about this weekend :)