catching up

So, I've learned a couple things throughout the creation of this blog.

One: I am way more Type-A than I'd like to admit. It physically pains me to think about posting in the middle of July without first sharing some photos from June. Chronology is important, people.

Two: As the title of this blog suggests, I like simplicity. Because of this, I will spare you (and the health of your eyes) from viewing every picture I originally planned on sharing. I can't disrespect the very nature of this blog within the first three posts, right?! That would just be rude.

Long story short: indulge slowly, because this is all there is (for now...dun dun dun).

One of the items I got during my first purchase at Anthropologie this summer...figures it was on dishes, and not clothes. Oops.
The ever-tasty, ever-fresh, yogurt and homemade granola from Shady---the best coffee and tea shop in Roseville.
An art wall on the streets of Sacramento; one of the reasons I love our capitol.
Ow-ow! Some of the best-looking and coolest men you'll ever see. (Various extensions of the Severin family on Father's Day).