collage mahal

Remember how I said I'm pretty Type-A?

Well, I cheated with that last post, because you guys really weren't all caught up yet.

Thus, I decided to embrace my need for chronological organization, and made convenient little collages (each with a theme, mind you) to make this whole process a bit smoother. Yay!

Exhibit A:
Welcome to the week I spent at Dinkey Creek. No, you didn't read that incorrectly; my favorite place on earth is truly called Dinkey Creek. It is our family cabin in the mountains, (sounds much fancier than it is) and I have literally been going there since I was in the womb. Easily the best week of my year. (Also, look at the perfection of that peach pie---my cousin Katrina is mad-talented).

Exhibit B:

Meet Sherman. He's my dad. And he has a green thumb. These are the veggies from his garden that waited patiently to be picked while we were vacationing. We grilled them along with some chicken and polenta, and yum---I can't wait to have my own garden.

Exhibit C:

Just some of the amazing dishes/drinks I've been consuming all summer long. Favorite summer-side I've had so far? A watermelon, basil, and feta salad that my SIL Caitlin made. Super fresh and super tasty.

Exhibit D: (last but not least!)

These are some of the greatest people, co-workers, and friends that you will ever meet. My summer at Johnson Pool has come to a close, meaning that it is officially the off-season, and...we're all pretty bummed about it. We had the perfect storm of enthusiasm, seriousness, sarcasm, bonding, and all-together-awesomeness, and I can't wait for next summer already. Sigh, going to miss those long days at JP.

Well, friends, we did it. We time-traveled all the way to the present. Amazing. :)