I believe in a day of rest

Blogging is difficult when life is non-stop. And it's even more difficult when the Olympics are on.

Every spare moment I had last week was dedicated to watching the games, and boy oh boy do I love me some swimming.

My family and I watched the opening ceremony in Ventura, where we visiting in celebration of my brother's recent engagement! It was such a fun trip. The weather in Ventura is unreal, and spending time with both families was awesome.

There's nothing like grilled-fish tacos on the beach, mmmhmm.

My future SIL, (sister-in-law) Jessie. Is it weird that I have more pictures of her than anyone?

Is it also weird that I got approximately (0) pictures of the engaged couple? Whoops, it's probably because Jessie kept photo-bombing the shots.

The rest of my summer (because yes, summer is almost over) will consist of scurrying my little toosh to finish Shakespeare, working at the pool, and hopefully moving into my new apartment!

Hope everyone has had a rejuvenating 3-months off--here's to August, and my last semester of my undergraduate career! Woooo!