basil-cally, i love basil

Let me just say this now, and then (maybe) we can move on: I love basil.

I wholeheartedly, unabashedly, slightly obsessively, love basil. It is one of the freshest, most in-your-face flavors ever created. And it tastes good with everything. Okay, maybe not ice cream (although that could be debated), but anything in the savory-world for sure.

When you're cooking for one, a single bunch of basil goes a long way. Actually, scratch that. Basil just goes a long way period. I think God designed it like this...because let's be honest, running out of basil mid-week could be disastrous. Just really, really disastrous.

Anyway, (I get on tangents frequently, sorry) I still have basil from last week's trip to the market, and I have used it a ton. I used it for homemade pesto, I made bruschetta for my newspaper meeting, I've taken a whole leaf and just eaten it, (wait, what?) and then I used it in my breakfast this morning! (Which is really the point of this entire post, but we all know how much I love context).

Moving forward, this week at the market I purchased more tomatoes and some meyer-lemon rosemary bread (hellooo). This morning I was inspired by my friend Alissa's breakfast tweet about an omelette, and I thought, Hot dog, I wanna make an omelette! So per usual, I hopped on my computer to ravage my favorite food blog, How Sweet It Is, and low and behold I got something better than an omelette: a recipe for a caprese egg-bake. A CAPRESE EGG WHAT?!

I had all the ingredients, I had one hour before my piano lesson, and bam. It happened.

I mean, just look at that bread.

No really; LOOK at it.

I added green onions to the top because I had them, and I'm really glad I did. They added a little extra somethin' somethin'. And it was a good somethin' somethin'.

The best part was: all of it. But I especially appreciated that I didn't feel gross or overstuffed afterwards. My breakfasts are usually pretty simple, so adding the elements of melted cheese and real bread was (a little) worrisome. It was okay though! And it stuck with me a long time. And it was so easy. The end.