commuter problems

Awkward one hour breaks (where it's not enough time to do anything really productive) lead me to blog. Hooray.

We have mid-term break starting Thursday. Praise the Lord. In the spirit of nostalgia and spontaneity, my bestfriendsisterroommate and I, Michelle, are road-tripping to Orange County. She grew up there, and during the same break our freshman year, we made the same trip! That time, though....let me tell you. We were crammed in the back of a tiny car (it seated 5, and we had 5 people) and we literally hit the worst of traffic in every city. A 6-hour trip took us 13-hours. Vomit. So, beside the fact that her hometown is pure-beach-bliss, we wanted to redeem our freshman year and try it once more as seniors.

Anyway, unrelated: I got a spectacular "apartment-warming" gift from my dearest mother: a box of fancy spices from The Spice House. You can only get them online, and she has purchased them our entire lives. We use to joke that when I got married, she'd get me spices...but surprise, my non-married self got them early. They have me even more excited for Fall and cooler weather (ps come on California, 100˚ weather was so last season) so that I can make soups! Because let's be honest. Who doesn't love soup?!