laguna beach

Well, we made it. 1,000 miles and 3 tanks of gas later (so proud of my little pick-up truck), Shelly and I can confidently deem our midterm break a success. Here are some questions that ran through my mind the last 4 days:

Why are salty air and sunshine so beautiful together?

Why is sitting on the beach at night so satisfying?

Why do I get uncontrollably sad when I have to leave soul-refreshing places?

How come driving 7-hours only seems like 1 when you're with your best friend?

What is it about good food that makes me so happy!?

Obviously I could go on, but obviously I shouldn't. Just know that it was a wonderful escape from the real world, and I wish I could go back.

Our good friend Austin lives in L.A. (South-Central L.A., what-up) and he came and stayed with us one night! The little girl is Michelle's sister, Ellie. Don't even get me started on her.

Michelle's mom (Ger-Bear) knows everything...literally everything...about food, its benefits, and how it should be prepared. (I tried raw-milk for the first time)! These are homemade, wholegrain waffles. They. Were. Amazing.

I love one-pieces. That's all.

Fun fact: Jef Holm from the Bachelorette was in Laguna the same time we were. We wanted to find him so badly. We were tweetin' him like no one's business. THEN we saw the People Water bus. THEN we screamed. Then...then we may or may not have seen him (we didn't) but, uh, how cool is that bus?!

YUM. Warm soup and fresh salad for lunch. The best.

There she is, my best friend since freshman year. Words can't describe the love and gratefulness I have for this girl.