roasted chicken

This week I've been in a weird mood, which has been both a good and bad thing. The good part manifested itself in the form of wanting to cook up a storm, the bad part manifested itself in just...feeling weird! Which you can't shake sometimes...which is the worst.

Maybe my normally-extroverted self needed some alone time...or maybe I've had too much alone time (and enjoyed it), so being around people

Who knows. But whatever it is, it's equalled a huge thirst for creativity in the kitchen, and I've loved every minute of it.

After picking up carrots, potatoes, and onions at the farmer's market on Tuesday, I decided it was time to learn how to make my favorite cold-weather meal: roasted chicken.

Raw meat (much less an entire raw chicken!!) is intimidating. Slimy and intimidating. But I wanted to try it so I said YOLO, bought myself a bird, and prepared the sucker.

I looked at some fellow food blogger's tips on how to prepare a chicken, and then I went for it. (Confession: I bought a chicken without giblets, which at the time I didn't really understand, but then I figured it out, and then I felt like a fake because I didn't actually have to stick my hand inside the chicken. That's a big first step, and I just avoided it altogether. Unintentionally, but still avoided. Oh well. Next time).

It was either luck or skill (probably more the former), but everything turned out perfectly. The flavors were there, the juices stayed in-tact despite the 425° heat, and I was left unscarred in the process. (Oh wait...not entirely true. Definitely gave my finger a good slice while quartering the potatoes. But I had heavy-duty lifeguard band-aids, so I wrapped it 'till it turned blue and all was well).

There will be plenty of chicken-roasting in my future, and I'm proud to say I can check that off the list. Any suggestions for another meal every beginner should make?