happy back-to-the-real-world week!

You're right. I haven't posted in a month (six weeks).

I get in ruts. It's this thing where I have too much time on my hands, ironically enough, and then I get disgustingly unproductive.

Even more shameful, I had pictures edited weeks ago for a post...I just missed the actual posting part.

But, let us not rehash the past. Onward we go.

At the beginning of November (seems like yesterday, whoof) I went on a retreat to South Lake Tahoe with my church. Chilly, mountain air is...it's just the best. Even if my nose is perma-pink in the cold and my toes want to fall off and die, I would choose mountain air over valley air every day. I mean, who wouldn't?

We only had to walk down 200-something steps (or 300? someone counted) to get to the lake, and you can bet your bottom dollar it was worth every one. We'd read our Bibles in the mornings on the dock, and sheesh. That's about as good as it gets. I'm so grateful I got to go.

In other news, I turned 21 at the end of October! So when you see the upcoming pictures of wine glasses on Thanksgiving, rest assured: I am finally legal.

Also, my Thanksgiving pictures are less than ideal. No iPhone, no digital camera First-world problems.

Pumpkin soup at my favorite hometown bakery/cafe/mini-winery,

The Dancing Fox.

Gah. So much good food. My sister-in-law knows how to do appetizers.

My brothers and I, although not together. (Pumpkin patch was from my birthday!)

The meal, and the homemade turkey stock simmering the day after.

I graduate college in...25 DAYS, holy moley I just counted...excuse me while I freak out.


Yeah, so I have a lot to do before then. Like finishing my senior thesis. See you on the flip side, blogging.