canon(t) stop celebrating

Yes, "cannot" is misspelled on purpose. Yes, it's a lame excuse for a pun. But hey, I speak the truth.

This Christmas, after years of shameless pestering and dreaming, I got a camera.

A big girl camera.

A Canon Rebel T3, in fact.

For all you photography buffs out there, (of which I am not) you might be thinking:

A T3, ha! That's child's play.

But I don't care. The last time I had a camera it was a chunky Sony point-and-shoot from 8th grade. EIGHTH GRADE.

Needless to say, I am very excited about this.

I haven't played with it much, (darn you, rain!) but I got a few shots just for funzies.

Sigh, Christmas is already over.

Dead beautiful.

I spy...a Sherman! Roasting our prime-rib like a champ.

Raw, unfiltered honey from my Uncle George with tea in my favorite mug.

Doesn't everything about this make you so happy? Geez.

Next goal is to reconfigure this blog layout so my pictures will be large (help, anyone?) and learn more about blog/web stuff in general.

And now that I'm a college graduate, (!!!) I can have goals like this, because I will have time to achieve them! Yay.

Cheers to 2013!