graduate life

It's possible that I've been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad bragger. But I can't even apologize! Being a graduate is too wonderful.

This last month has been filled with time. Time to reconnect with friends (like the beautiful Alissa up there), time to read, and time to simply exist.
Life has felt so full, and I haven't even been doing much. But I think that's the point. Alissa and her husband, Ryan, took me and my roommate Lauren around Sacramento a couple weekends ago. Ryan is a really talented photographer and my big-girl camera needed the proper initiation, so he offered to teach us some basics (which included a solemn-swear to never shoot in Auto again). And I have kept that promise. Promise.
Alissa: "Ry, get closer! Get closer!" Ryan: "I'm on your face. I'm touching your face!"
Candid of Ryan's feet, which upon seeing he declared, "I stand in fifth position all the time." I don't even know if that IS fifth position. Looks more like second.
Last weekend, my friend Amanda and I also did some exploring. We only hung around Roseville, but I felt much more confident lugging my camera around. It helps that she's super photogenic, too.
And lastly, I chopped my hair off. All I can say is this: you only graduate once. YOGO.