the flower farm

You guys, I don't know how I just did it. But my pictures magically changed. And by changed, I mean grew. I'm not even questioning it,  I'm just accepting it. Anyway,  recently my childhood friend Hannah and I took a trip to The Flower Farm. It is a quaint cafe-slash-nursery-slash-bed-and-breakfast-slash-gift-shop. Basically, it's everything awesome incorporated into one piece of real-estate.

I've heard of it before, but waited to check it out until I could have a partner-in-crime. Exploring on your own is fun, but it's even more fun with company. The cafe is in Loomis, (everything good hides-out in Loomis, I'm not kidding) which isn't far from Rocklin at all. It's strange how quickly the landscape changes. I like Loomis because it reminds me there is actual beauty and land close-by, instead of a million shopping centers.

I was so focused on getting the right lighting (remember my solemn-swear to never shoot in Auto) that I completely cut Hanner's head off. I mean not literally, that's violent, but photographically the top of her head is totally missing. Sorry Hanner.

The weather has been nonstop gorgeous for at least a month, and this day was no exception. I'm waiting for the rain, though. After this much sunshine you know it's gotta be close. (Last week I took a nap outside, my face fully exposed to the light, and I swear I got a little pink. That's practically a tan in February).

There's this little pond in the middle of everything, and what you can't see is the upside-down legs in the middle of the water. They stuck a witch-mannequin, complete with pointy shoes and orange and black striped tights, as a nice little "surprise" for the unassuming wanderers. I really enjoyed this spot and plan on going back again soon.You should try it if you:

a) haven't yet

b) want a great place to study or

c) want an excuse to get out of Rocklin.

All worthy options.

Choose freely.