growing up

Well, I think it's safe to say I'm ready to grab adult-life by the you-know-what and get on with it.

Growing up is hard. It just is. Budgets are hard and having 3 "jobs" without the ability to pay rent is hard. Feeling like a kid when you are trying to live as an adult is hard.

Wake-up calls are good, though. Parents who tell you that "in love, we're launching you from the nest," are good. Having the resources and opportunities to work towards that goal are good.

Some people have to grow up much quicker than the rest of us. They've been financially independent long before college began, and it's not like they chose it; it was simply reality for them.

I respect my roommate a lot for this reason. She's a hard worker. She gets stuff done. She's paying for school (expensive, private school at that), she's GOING to school (full-time, 18/19 unit semesters), she works every day after school so she can pay rent, and aside from all that...she still has a life.

She probably heard me crying talking with my parents last night, and she was probably thinking, "Girl, get it together. This is life." And she's right. At some point you have to stop being stressed or worried and just make stuff happen.

The thing with me is that I can't make stuff happen until AFTER I have been stressed and worried. But at least I know that about myself.

My dad, the motivational speaker and king of "When was a kid," kept reciting to me: "You know Nike? Just do it. You just gotta do it." Cheesy (love you Dad), but he's right, too. It's time to grow-up. For real grow-up. Not fake grow-up. (I'm really good at being a fake grown-up).

So, I'm making a budget and calculating real numbers rather than guesstimating (English-major over here, you know I avoided the whole number thing for as long as possible), and I'm mentally preparing for the burial of #graduatelife. It's time for #reallife. Yes, I just used two hashtags. I can still do that as an adult, right?! I mean, you gotta live a little somehow. 

Also, I definitely have food-related posts I meant to write before this, but...but then I needed to process. So. Expect a real post very soon.