the time has come

The time has come for the son of man to be glorified by me finally writing a post.
 Please know that I have tried to write all week. In fact, I wrote an entire entry, never got to see it. (It was actually one of those long-writing-processing-posts that I do...specifically about everything that happened in Boston this week...and I decided it was better left processed and not published).

Also, excuse the outdatedness of the pictures, but they have been patiently awaiting their debut from iPhoto for like...a month. Does that count as neglect? Whoops.
Meet all our animal friends. Amanda and I went on a walk, and there were just...animals everywhere. By animals I really just mean a couple ducks and a couple kitties. It was really strange and really awesome.
I thought Amanda was going to die and go to heaven. She really loves cats. Ernie, the orange one, is apparently 23-years old. Or so says the 12-year girl who owns them. We sat down and talked to her for awhile. That's my favorite.
Over "spring break" (air quotations because I don't technically have spring break anymore), I went home and had a wonderful date with my mom. We walked to The Dancing Fox, where we treated ourselves to lattes and a hearty breakfast. I could rave about this place's that good.
I got the rustic french toast, which came with blackberry compote, maple syrup, and a fresh batch of VANILLA BEAN WHIPPED CREAM. Oh geez, writing about this 18 days into my strict Paleo habits is the hardest thing I've endured yet. SO DELICIOUS was that plate of carbs and sugar. We also got fruit cups. To balance things out. My mom got a caprese egg scramble (death) which came with toast (more death) and was served in a really cute cast iron skillet. I love you, Dancing Fox.
My mom always sends me home with goodies, too. This time it was in the form of freshly picked asparagus. No better way to celebrate spring than with a million pictures of the stalks! The tips and ends had this whole purple thing going on that you just don't see from the bunches at grocery stores. Call me lame, but I think it's so freaking cool.

Small life updates:

  • inaugural issue of the magazine should be out very soon, and I'm SO excited to see my name in print for the first time
  • been eating Paleo since the 3rd, and I feel really, really great. My food digests and satiates me all at the same time. What a novel concept. After 30-days I will reintroduce dark chocolate and other items that I know don't bug me, but for the most part I think Paleo is here to stay.
Anyone else completely freaked out that it's almost May? Goodness gracious.

Happy Sunday!