weekend recap

Los Angeles is such a weird place. On Friday I sat on a rooftop in Downtown, feeling super posh and cool, and then two days later I hiked in the San Gabriel mountains, feeling super untamed and outdoorsy (outdoorsy enough, rather) because I was in nature, and not the city.


This place is growing on me more and more. Living in a location where there's the buzzing of people and cars (SO MANY CARS) amidst the humming of animals and waterfalls (albeit baby waterfalls) is beautiful. It's really really beautiful.

This weekend, my friend Liz and I sashayed through Grand Central Market, eating tacos from Ave Maria's and sampling ice cream from McConnell's. We asked questions about flavors and let hurried young professionals pass us. It was a casual day, but an adventurous day, and it was exactly what I needed.

Liz exclaimed some shock when I told her I hadn't been to the Ace Hotel, so we consulted with Siri and began our 7-block journey. Liz said 'act coo' as we walked in, and after successfully boarding the elevator we may or may not have giggled a little. (Which is ridiculous because it was so easy and people do it every day. But whatever).

The elevator opened at the rooftop level, and we were instantly met by crisp air and a line of small tables, where a few couples were sipping cappuccinos. We veered right, walking as far back as we could, where we passed through the large bar/dining area and finally landed at the pool. Pool? It was either a really small pool or a really big jacuzzi. Who knows.

We were alone at first, taking pictures on our phones, and then I had a moment. A moment that was understated but significant, a moment that reminded me how good it is to have new experiences. To gain new views. To do something different every once in awhile.

It rained over the weekend, so the skyline was insanely clear, but fluffy clouds loitered about, flirting with the sun to get some attention. Liz and I ended up sharing an inspiring conversation with some strangers, about blogging and creativity and untraditional career paths (gah, of course), and it was really cool. I felt energized and motivated, and it was a good reminder to not only keep writing, but to also continue having experiences that will help me have something to write about.

We did one more hotel tour at the Standard, then spent an hour or so at the Griffith Observatory, which I had also never been to (and still need to go back because we really just went for the novelty of it).

Friday completely set the tone for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, and although I stayed busy, it was a busyness that I chose...and that's pretty fun.

I watched Pitch Perfect 1 and 2, each for the first time, and they are probably the most enjoyable "stupid" movies I've seen in awhile. Several laugh-out-loud moments and zero emotional stress. Winner winner.

On Monday, I told Destiny I wanted to go on a hike somewhere, and considering she's from Oregon and lalalaoves trails and is the one who took me backpacking (right? can't believe that was even a thing) I knew she wouldn't hesitate to agree.

We did Eaton Canyon, which is a pretty stereotypical hike for Pasadena, but it didn't matter. It's literally 2 miles from my city-apartment, which meant our entire commitment for the morning was centered around the hike, rather than getting there (and back)(in traffic). Most people visit Eaton Canyon Falls, so that's the trail we took, too. We climbed a little higher than needed, but it felt good to use our legs and give our lungs a little burn.

The waterfall was small and its pool was low, but it was still so beautiful! And again, the weather was still incredible. So perfect for spending a few hours outdoors. We snacked on Clif bars after taking a couple pictures, and Dest is convinced food tastes better after a hike, while you're still in the woods. I totally agree, even though we weren't exactly in the woods. But LA is trying.

Our Monday ended at our favorite coffee shop in Pasadena, Copa Vida, accompanied by both Logan and Mackenzie, and we each went on our separate date-nights from there.

I am really really really grateful for this past weekend. And I'm hoping to have a repeat-ish experience again soon. :)