Dentist Trips + Time Logs

“You are like vampire,” my hygienist said. “You ready for Halloveen!"

That was at the dentist this morning. Apparently when you don’t go for 16 months (I know, I know) your gums bleed more than usual and then you get called a vampire.


I had a few fillings done, which hasn’t happened since I was kid, so I spent a good 2 hours holding my own suction straw, wearing safety glasses, and trying to understand instructions amidst the sounds of drilling, scraping, and washing. 

It actually wasn’t bad, though. Everyone was incredibly kind and communicative, which is helpful as a first-time patient. The hygienist was soft-spoken but also had some serious personality. I mentioned how I could tell I would be sore for a day or two, but she reminded me that she "knows how to use her instruments," and that her patients don’t experience pain afterwards. She also made sure to apply Vaseline around my mouth with a Q-Tip, because as she said, “When patient’s mouth is dry, I cannot stand it. I feel like my mouth is dry, too.” Every time she cleaned for awhile without stopping, she remarked how much liquid was pooling, and how I should use the suction more (MORE!) because otherwise it’s hard to work. I appreciated getting a little control, but it was also difficult to access the real estate with two other hands and tools occupying the same space. I did, however, like her a lot, and she was extremely thorough. Even when she thought she finished, she took one more look and worked a few minutes longer, wanting to “get every last bit.” (Again, YIKES on my part). 

In other news, our thank-you cards from the wedding are DONE. Written, stamped, addressed, glued, and ready to throw in the mail. They were written in two chunks, so if some of you get cards saying, “Hope your summer is off to a great start!” just pretend I actually wrote, “Hope you had an awesome summer!” because unfortunately a couple months went by between stack 1 and stack 2. 

Since I posted yesterday, I shared on Facebook that I discovered a lady named Laura Vandekamp, who has this crazy (not actually) belief that we as people DO HAVE ENOUGH TIME. She wrote a book called 168 Hours, where she details what time meant to her after intentionally keeping a time-log for an ENTIRE YEAR. Every half-hour of every day, she kept kept track of what she did, and after 12 months, categorized and averaged her results. Inspirational to say the least.

I of course had to try it, so I’m keeping a log for at least the week. Our brains are the weirdest and the coolest; the smallest of a shift mentally can have such a large impact. I’ve had the best two days "at home," working on stuff, taking breaks, and feeling MOTIVATED. Awareness and accountability (even from a silly Excel document) go a long way, who knew? If anyone else is interested in keeping a log, let me know! I would love to participate in it alongside you. 

I’ve written a ton this last year, which has been a victory worth celebrating, but the next challenge is hitting the “publish” button more frequently, because I need that practice, and I’m ready for it. It also turns out that actual interaction is about a million times better than zero interaction. So those of you who offered input yesterday, thank you (again). :)