Hi friends! My name is Alyssa.

Above all, I'm a writer, although I sport other identities too.

I live in the greater Los Angeles area, and despite the incessant sunshine (go ahead and call me a downer), it's home.

Most of the time I'm hanging out with my favorite toddlers (#nannylife) or cuddling up to my handsome husband, but when I'm not you can find me reading cookbooks (page by page), preparing meals with close friends, hiking in LA (yes, that's a thing), or writing stories.

More than anything, this blog will be a place where you can join me throughout the very real happenings of life.

I'm an avid practicer of second breakfasts, I love black coffee, and like most people, my favorite day of the week is Saturday (specifically Saturday mornings, because brunch). I wish it was Fall all day every day, I constantly have about 9845983475 songs stuck in my head simultaneously, and the words are usually (just barely) wrong. But I'm working on it.

I believe words hold power for good or bad, and I believe our relationships are some of the most important things we can invest in. I am thus easily enamored by peoples' stories and how their day-to-day lives look, which sometimes makes me cool and other times makes me creepy. But I just want to know you!

That being said, thanks for taking the time to briefly get to know me through this blog. I already feel the love, and please please feel free to say hello at: plaingrainblog@gmail.com